Group Coaching


Group Coaching with Jennifer Smith

Do you ever find yourself facing personal and professional challenges and wish you had a supportive community to navigate them together? In our Group Coaching sessions, we bring like-minded individuals on a shared journey of growth, providing a space for collective transformation.

Feeling isolated on your path to success, struggling with self-doubt, and lacking a supportive network are common challenges. Balancing work and personal life, especially for professionals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, can be overwhelming. The need for genuine connections and shared experiences is more crucial than ever.

How We Can Help: Join our Group Coaching to break free from isolation. Experience the power of collective wisdom, as we address shared pain points, fostering a community that understands and supports each other. Together, we’ll build resilience, conquer self-limiting beliefs, and create a network that propels everyone to new heights.

When I work with a group, generally it includes 10 or more people who have the same common goals. In our group coaching sessions, we focus on one life topic for the duration of our group. We do a deep dive to truly understand it, then apply it in a way that’s easy, fun, and enjoyable.


Ready to transform alongside a supportive community? Join our Group Coaching sessions and embark on a journey of shared growth. Schedule your free 30-minute discovery call to learn more about the transformative experience that awaits you. If you would like to join our monthly group coaching sessions, contact me here to get started.